Bible Nutrient

Bible Nutrient

Meditation; the important nutrient for our mind, body, and soul

There are many steps one can take to accomplish a meditative state of mind, such as daily bible verses in the morning or evening. As God’s word feeds the soul, so does meditation. When people meditate daily, they are in a spiritual state of mind which means everything around them is, literally, blocked out. Even if someone was mowing your lawn, you shouldn’t be able to hear the lawn. Your senses are all within one focal point and that’s internal. External sounds are normally “blocked” out of the conscious mind.

This is a great recipe for the spirit, mind, and body. One can say that meditation can be considered a ‘bible nutrient’. Much like the vitamins and minerals in vegetables; carrots have beta-carotene, greens have iron, tomatoes are made up of 95% of water with 4% carbs, and less <1% of protein and fat. In this case, bible nutrients are metaphorically a diet of the human mind, body, and soul. Feeding our minds with scripture will benefit us because of the ability to comprehend and focus on what the verses, scripture, or in other words, the “written word” is saying. Using each chapter or book (i.e. Old Testament, New Testament, The King James Version,…) is like the recipe book, all we have to do is keep the verses in mind and practice and consume the meanings.

Therefore, when we meditate after we read the bible, or simply to meditate, we are discovering deeply from within, and in silence, what God’s message is saying to us. This is also called preparation of our “minds and hearts” while praying. The scriptures are the basis of our meditative state of mind, or when we pray. When we meditate, we, basically, are getting ready to understand, reiterate, focus, worship, and then, apply what we’ve read.

Meditate to Focus on certain scripts

Part of bible nutrients is the meditative recipe of focusing on specific words and messages from bible’s verses. In Psalm 119:15, this is basically what the message is: asking the Lord for that direction and guidance so as to focus on it and practice it in life. The bible could be read at any time, as long as we are willing to focus on the messages of the scripture. This is much like what we eat at any time of the day. For instance, if we need our protein and iron, eggs and bacon are known to be eaten for breakfast. We get our daily dose of vitamins and minerals with our breakfast and what we choose to eat is similar to what we choose to read. If we focus on horror or science fiction reading for our morning ritual, and we choose to read Stephen King in the morning, how do you think our day will start. Pretty horrific or paranoid wouldn’t you think?

Starting a regimen of reading certain chapters, or passages, of the bible is a great way to get our daily dose of nutrients for our mind. It will also keep our body in tune and aligned with what we’ve read; this in return starts our day with the right frame of thinking as well. You cannot deny getting distracted at times during the morning, afternoon, or night; so, we tend to put our duties and responsibilities aside. This is what Psalm 119 is suggesting…to get into a behavior of focusing on our responsibilities. “…Fixing our eyes on God’s ways” is another way of saying practicing what the bible has to offer in stories and scriptures referred to by the people or characters who contributed to the “big book”.

Meditation helps us focus without getting distracted. In this case, while helping us concentrate on what we’ve read, the bible fills us up with the right nutrients the bible has to offer. In other words, when we enter into prayer we are basically meditating so as to focus on how God speaks to us by his active word.

Meditate to understand the bible’s word

In Psalm 119:27, “Make me understand the way of your precepts…I will meditate on your…works,” is another way of saying to the Lord as we are in prayer that we are asking for help to understand how we can stay focused and comprehend the “work of the Lord”.

Sometimes it’s good to ask questions to yourself as you are meditating. This will help us get the answers within. Like the nutrients given to us in food, we ask how it’s possible for Omega 3 in fish is even possible to help us fight off viruses and certain functioning of the body.

This is a prime example of bible nutrients. Without regular doses of Omega-3, our brain development and functioning can be apparent. There are studies that illustrate that Omega-3 helps those with ADHD. Also, this nutrient is considered a fatty acid that is imperative to the brain function, and development of our brain. Similar to the bible, it’s benefits to our body comes with fulfilling us with what’s needed in our body. Scriptures and positive readings of the bible help us grow and develop the right way as we read daily, even if it’s at least 10 minutes a day.,

All in all, the supplements of bible nutrition daily will help us fight off bad behaviors, habits or experimenting into those temptations that can become reality if we do not practice meditation to understand the bible’s word. As we read daily, we’ll have a better understanding how God is wanting us to grow and develop. Finally, the Psalmist suggests that we pray with our hearts when we ask the Lord in prayer to “help us understand” so we can follow through his word.

Playing and reading for bible nutrients

Steps to ensure that you get the right amount of nutritional value from the bible.

While doing chores at home, you can tune-in to a podcast from a bible-based pastor, teacher, or minister. The sermons you hear in the background as you work at home will also be the background for some loads of nutrients to your mind and your soul. Here are some recommended podcasts that have a load of nutritional value to you, and your children’s ears: Life Fellowship Church, David Platt, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Matt Chandler, and Theology and Practice of Mission: God, the Church, and the Nations, Bruce Ashford.

– Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream (David Platt)

– Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God (Francis Chan)

– Systematic Theology (Wayne Grudem)

– Good News for Weary Women (Elyse M. Fitzpatrick)

Surround yourself with the daily dose of bible nutrients.

Consequently, surrounding yourself with scriptures is like having daily doses of vitamins and minerals from the right types of food that are healthy for us, our mind, our body, and in return, it will show through us by way of our physical and psychological development. Finally, bible nutrition is the reading, understanding, and meditating on God’s words and scriptures which lay the foundation of our habitual practice of prayer. This helps us focus, understand, remember, worship, and apply the works of God’s word to our daily life. In return, we develop positively in mind, body, and soul, as we continue to grow with those readings and scriptures of the bible.