Bible Food

Bible Food

John 6: 50-58 speaks to us directly about spiritual food. This single passage leaves us with no doubt that the Holy Bible is intended to nourish our souls.

The Holy Bible was written by men, inspired by God, over two thousand years ago. It contains every piece of information, advice, instruction, and inspiration for us during our time here on Earth. It serves above all, however, to nourish our spirit and feed our soul. It is the sacred word of God; it’swords teaches us to live, what to put into our spirits and what to avoid what would amount to”junk food” to our souls. We must avoid ingesting things which are bad for us, like gossip, envy, hatred, being judgmental, dishonesty, immorality…all things which are”unhealthy food” to our souls.The Bible speaks to us directly regarding these things. TheLord’s Prayer says asks God to “give us this day our daily bread”, this being the Word of ourLord, our spiritual food. This feeds our entire being and strengthens us, helping us to grow into faithful followers of Christ.
Daily meditation on ourBible and it’s nutrients for our lives is essential for us to be spiritually healthy. 1 Peter 2:2 likens the words from the Bible to the milk a newborn infant must have in order to grow and thrive. So, just like an infant is fed so it may grow and become strong and healthy daily, so must we grow and become closer and closer to God. We require our spiritual “nutrition” every day, several times a day, and there is no better spiritual diet than the one contained in the very best “recipe” book – ourBible! No additives, no preservatives, no dangerous chemicals or fillers; just good, healthy food our souls can’t get enough of! Before we know it, we will be overeating daily from this wonderful Book!
Meditate daily scripture. Find ones which speak to you deeply, in a meaningful way and study each one, “digesting” them and keeping them inside every cell of your being. Consider each word, each phrase,then seek out their deeper meaning and how they apply to your personal life. Look for your special “seasonings” throughout theBible, specific ones which appeal to your taste and feed your needs. Think about what you have read. Consider the ways in which it applies to your own situation and thinks of two different situations of your own which apply to scriptures you have chosen for your daily meditation. Study it from many different angles, and it will reveal to you a solid, unmovable truth:God has control, always. Prior to meditating on theWord, take a moment and pray first, asking God to lead you to His message.You are feeding your own spirit, so be sure to ask yourself, “How does this subject affect me and my life? What message is it trying to convey?” By doing this you are preparing your Bible “nutrients” for consumption and easy digestion!

The Bible, “ingested” every day, becomes a spiritual recipe book for regularly feeding our souls exactly what it needs to grow and be spiritually healthy. There could never exist a perfect diet book than one which teaches us to nourish our spirits and souls precisely asGod intends? Our spiritual diet is every bit as important – if not more so – than our physical one. The Bible advises us as to what to feed our soul just as books like the Osiecki Nutrient Bible advises us on what to feed our bodies. It lists over 100 vitamins, minerals, etc, which will nourish our bodies. It even includes information on situations to avoid in order to maintain our physical health. The Bible provides us with innumerable “nutrients” to strengthen our souls and keep our spiritual beings healthy. It definitely advises us on situations to avoid and how to live our lives in a way that will be pleasing to God, in a way that is “healthy”. Both of these books provide what we need to maintain a healthy diet that will benefit our physical AND our spiritual lives.

Nourishing our minds is important because this world itself is under constant attack from dark forces (spiritual junk food!). By feeding your mind with God’s Word, we are able to speak power in God’s name and send these evil beings far from us. When you begin to grow stronger from a daily helping of God’s Word, you will suddenly find many people have turned against you who were your “friends” before.Your spirit, since it has been well fed and nourished,will intimidate a lot of people. Others will recognize it for what it is, and all darkness which lives inside of them will fear all of the righteous goodness which is growing and thriving in you now.These people are to be prayed for.John 15:18 finds Jesus Himself telling us, “If (this)the world hates you, (be aware)it hated me before it hated you.” If this world hated God’s own Son, it most certainly will hate us. But once you have been nourished via a healthy way with such excellent nutrition as the Bible, you will be able to go forward peacefully, yet well prepared to do battle thanks to your”Bible nutrients” which have been ingesting daily. Now it is time to flex those muscles built with vitamins and minerals in the form of God’s Word, go into our world and share your favorite “recipes”!