Bible Diet

Bible Diet

Our diet is very important. It is what keeps us alive. It determines whether we are healthy or unhealthy. If we feed our bodies the proper foods, full of vitamins and nutrients, we will be physically strong and healthy. We will have energy and we will feel great. The same is true of the diet we choose to feed our souls.

When most people think of a diet book, they think of something like The Nutrient Bible, by Henry Osiecki. This book contains more than 100 comprehensive profiles of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, toxins metals and contingent nutrients. It teaches us about the amounts of each we need to improve our health, prevent disease, and to serve therapeutic purposes. The Holy Bible also serves as a diet book, full of recipes and instructions for feeding and nourishing our souls. John 6: 50-71 tells us that the Word of God (the Bible) is the bread that is sent down to us from Heaven to feed our souls righteous food and that when we eat it we will not die, but rather live forever in Heaven with God.The Bible provides our souls with their daily nutritional needs to strengthen us, to help us grow spiritually, to feed our spirits with the healthy things they need in order to sustain us and to fight off the “diseases” of evil that we face in the world every day.
When we meditate on the scriptures we find special meaning in them. Praying before reading and asking God to guide us and give us an understanding of what we are reading will help us to receive and “digest” the message that God has especially for us. Just as those with certain physical ailments need specific medications or treatments in order to get well, we all need guidance from God to lead us to the scriptures in the Bible that apply to our individual circumstances. The Bible can teach us how to fend off the toxic attacks of the world so that our souls are protected and kept healthy. By feeding ourselves from the Word of God, we are being spiritually responsible just the same as we are being good to our bodies when we go to the gym, eat healthy meals, take multivitamins, and get lots of fresh air. It is up to us to take care of ourselves in every possible way.

By feeding our souls with the life-sustaining Word of God, we are fending off the devastating “diseases” which exist only to destroy us spiritually and make our souls weak and sick. Things like dishonesty, anger, greed, hatred, being judgmental, addictions, all come from a source that would see us spiritually sick, separated from our Creator, weak and dying a death that will last for all eternity. These poisons to our soul serve to keep us from being able to enter the gates of Heaven to live in never-ending Paradise with God. The Bible is the immune system to our souls, through which nothing can infect us.

In order to meditate on the scriptures effectively, set aside some time each day when you will not be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable location and relax, focusing your mind on God and preparing yourself for prayer to ask Him to grant you discernment in your reading, to speak to you through the Bible. Some people wait for a sign or an indication of some sort from God to lead them to where they will read from. Others close their eyes, open the Bible, and begin reading where they have opened the Bible too. Still, others turn to a section of the Bible where they know they will receive instruction to deal with a situation they are dealing with. No matter the way each person chooses to begin, once you have read a few scriptures or a chapter, stop and allow yourself to reflect on what you have just read, to meditate on it and discover what it has revealed to you. Allow your spirit to absorb the message(s) and begin to fortify your soul with what you have learned. You will immediately begin to feel more peace within your soul. Just as you feel satisfied after eating a great meal, so will you feel satisfied when you feel the comfort that will fill your soul.